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Welcome to St John's in the City
Corner of Willis and Dixon Streets, Wellington

Worship Services

Sunday 10 am & Sunday 5.45 pm

Link to Richard Bauckham lecture and sermon


          Musicathon 10 am Saturday 9 August to Sunday 10 am 10 August

Over 140 musicians and support team members gave their time and talent in support of "Water for Westbank" with many top quality performances. We had great audiences and takings are now over $15,000.  The final total willbe higher still for a great contribution to Christian World Service's West Bank water supply work.

A huge thankyou to our many supporters. You can still make a donation - details are here:   How to make a donation.


Power-point presentation about Camp

Thanks to those who have registered ......Good news if you haven't yet.......Registration has been extended!!

You now have an extra 7 Days to register for church camp!!  The new deadline will be 9pm on August 12th. More details at Church Diary

Day visitors - please register with the camp secretary, Vicky at   dave.vik@paradise.net.nz

Register for the camp here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1L2lhtLqCvlBUKjMQ68-vw0We2J8c53sGOxfi_sBa-98/viewform?usp=send_form

Publications of interest


Resources available to everyone

  •  Our free Sunday School resources (plays, challenges etc) including the latest play
  • The History of St John's with lots of historical material; including many annual reports back to the 1880's and an account of St John's war dead
  •  Our Marriage Registers cover 1866 to 1897
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