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Thrive is our high-school youth group for young people in years 10-13 who are interested in living an intentional Christian life. During school term, Thrive meets in the St John’s Centre from on Fridays from 6:30-8:30 pm, where we spend time having heaps of fun and building awesome relationships with one another! We do activities such as paint-balling, Lazer Tag, sports, movie, or drama evenings, pillow fights, pool evenings, and cooking evenings.

We also encourage our young people to acknowledge the needs of others and to act on it, so each term we coordinate outreach operations, where we come alongside others and serve just as Christ calls us to. On a Friday evening, we finish our time together with a brief faith-based thought that is tied into the focus of the Sunday morning session. We welcome 25 high school-aged young people from all around Wellington City, and not just families from the St John’s community.

On a Sunday morning, we join the rest of the congregation for a bit before popping out to our own session, where we talk a little more about our understanding of faith, the Bible, and challenge each other to live life as Christians. Our Sunday morning sessions usually follow a series or study where we discuss matters of faith that are aimed more at speaking into the lives of our young people. In term 3, 2015 our study was called Grace, a Christian response to the world.

Other weekly activities include:

On Wednesday after school our Year 10, 11, 12 & 13 home group meets between 4:00-5:30pm in Spinks Cottage, where we discuss some of the more tricky issues about our faith, and ask some of tough questions that we are all struggling with. This year we have looked at some of the following questions:

  • If Jesus come to our church would we actually let Him in?
  • What do we understand by the notion of slavery?
  • What is it about we as Christians that make us the go-to people in the issue of refugees?

(Currently not meeting until further notice) On Saturday mornings the Thrive Worship Band meets in the church for our weekly practice. We practice songs in preparation for special services (All-Ages Worship, Regional Youth Service, etc…) that are coming up. We’re also currently in the process of writing our own material!!

We would love to hang out with you, please contact:

Enrino Pasullean 04 385 1546