Abstract is our youth group for Years 7-9 who are keen to find out more about living life as a Christian. During school term time, Abstract meets in St John’s Centre on Fridays from 6:30-8:30 pm, where we primarily do social activities like sports, movies, or dress-up evenings, scavenger hunts, drama evenings, and games evenings.

We welcome around 20 young people from all around Wellington City, and not just families from the St John’s community. The Friday evening focuses primarily on fun, whereas the Sunday morning has more of a faith component to it.

On a Sunday morning, we join the rest of the congregation for a bit before popping out to our own session, where we talk a little more about our understanding of faith, the Bible, and challenge each other to live life as Christians.

We would love to hang out with you on a Friday and/or a Sunday, you can contact:

Enrino Pasullean 04 385 1546