More about funerals

Funerals at St John'sBelow is some more information about having a Christian funeral at St John’s. Contact us to discuss having a funeral at St John’s in the City.

What happens within the funeral?

There is a basic framework for the funeral – as a service of worship to God. Within this framework there is a lot of scope for including content that is meaningful in the context of the person who has died. The Minister will meet with the family to plan the funeral service and explain the various possibilities. All requests associated with practical arrangements are discussed with one of the Ministers in the first instance. The service is complete in itself and any fraternal, civic or military rites must be conducted at a separate time and place.

When should the funeral take place?

The funeral service should be scheduled for a time that will allow for the greatest number of people to attend. Often, weekday services occur before or after the lunch hour, allowing people to be away from their offices for an extended time around noon and to be concluded before schools break in the afternoon. Immediately following the funeral service refreshments can be served in the adjacent St John’s Centre (depending on availability). Catering options can be provided by the St John’s office staff or the Funeral Director.

What is the role of the Funeral Director?

The Funeral Director (Undertaker) has an important and specialised role. The Minister and Funeral Director have specific responsibilities and coordinate closely together. It is the Funeral Director who will help placing a notice in the papers and producing the service sheet. If needed, one of the Ministers can help with approaching a suitable Funeral Director and explaining their role.

What is the cost?

For members of St John’s in the City there is usually no cost for the conducting of the funeral. In other circumstances direct costs (for example, organist, custodial staff, and so on) may need to be covered.

Contact us to discuss having a funeral at St John’s in the City.