Funerals at St John'sA Christian funeral is a proclamation of the hope of resurrection life. St John’s in the City is a faith community ground in this hope through Jesus Christ, and so we safeguard the importance of the funeral as an assurance that God’s love is present – with the person who has died as well as with their loved ones.

We also experience death as a time of loss when sorrow, grief and bereavement are both natural and appropriate. Both of these understandings guide the church in its ministry to those who have lost a loved one to death – affirming with both joy and tears the promise and hope of the Gospel.

We know we do not experience our pain and loss in isolation, for we are sustained by the power of God’s Holy Spirit and are surrounded by the support and care of this faith community.

The funeral service bears witness to resurrection hope, as the Minister leads this time of worship with scripture readings, hymns, a brief sermon, and prayers that affirm God’s power over death and belief in the resurrection to everlasting life.

The funeral and associated pastoral care is an important ministry for St John’s in the City and our Ministers welcome any inquiry for having a Christian funeral at St John’s, whether you are a member of the congregation or not.

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