Creche facilities are provided for babies and pre-school children in the Chapel during Sunday morning services.

Parents/Caregivers may bring children to the creche before or at any time during the service. Two members of the congregation are rostered to set up and run the creche each week and someone is usually available from about 9.50 am.

There is no need to book your child into the creche – just bring them in to the Chapel.  You are welcome to remain for the duration of the service, or, if your child is happy without you, simply drop them off and return to the service.

Children should be collected from the creche promptly after the completion of the service to allow the duty team to join in the morning tea and fellowship following the service.   Of course, you and your child are also invited to this.

No food and drink is provided but you are welcome to bring some for your child.

If you use the creche regularly, we would invite you to put your name on the roster for creche duty.

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