We are people of all ages gathered with all our quirks in response to the alluring adventure of discipleship following Jesus Christ.

As a faith community standing on the corner of Willis and Dixon Streets, we continue the presence and proclamation of the Gospel in the centre of Wellington city, valuing our traditions and acting creatively for the future.

Your connecting with us is no coincidence and we’d love you to take the next step.



St John’s has weekly Sunday services at 10 am. During the Covid-19 lockdown, we’re still going to have them – we’re just going to stream them live on Zoom.

This allows St John’s to continue to connect prayerfully to worship God together. Through the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit we seek to care for and strengthen our members and help them to a growing relationship with God. In this way, just as God cares for us, we seek to empower our members to share their talents, to meet the needs of others.

Use this link to join the live-streaming services on your computer, or use your telephone to dial 04 886 0026 (Meeting ID: 370 260 759). See the St John’s Facebook Events page for all current info on our Sunday services for now.

Find out more about our other services (such as monthly and quarterly communion, and special services around Easter and Christmas).

Other Services

We also conduct:

You can also find out about other church events from our weekly Bulletin.