Triple S Challenge

A very popular challenge series for Senior Sunday School children (around 9-11 years old).  They complete the tasks at home and then present to their Sunday School teacher after class. We gave them about ten weeks to complete each Challenge.

When the child completed the challenge, they received a certificate and a small edible reward (eg a chocolate bar), which was presented with a flourish at the next Sunday School meeting. It’s also good to use an impressive looking chart to record progress.

Challenge 1

This challenge helps children to learn the meaning of common Christian phrases used in worship, such as in the Lord’s prayer, the Aaronic blessing and so on.

Two versions of the challenge booklet are available:

  • Triple S Challenge 1 is designed to be an A5 booklet with text on both sides. Print it all off in A4 and then copy it so that it packs together as a book. (This is the format we used.)
  • Triple S Challenge 1  (A4) is in A4 – simply print and you don’t have to worry about double-siding anything.

Feel free to modify the text as suits you.

Challenge 2

This challenge is about the Old Testament. Note that an extra reward is offered if the children also learn the books of the
Prophets. We gave a small chocolate bar for this section and a larger chocolate box and certificate for doing the whole challenge. Over half of the children learnt the Prophets even though it was voluntary.

  • Triple S Challenge 2 – this should be copied at A4 size, with the temple being copied onto A3 light card that is stapled separately into the middle.

Challenge 3

This challenge is focuses on essential Christian skills – prayer, Bible reading, church attendance and service. It sets week-long goals for each area. It was the least popular of the Triple S challenges as the kids seemed to find it too “fuzzy” to grasp. For this reason we recommend you don’t use it for your first attempt at getting the children to do challenges!

Challenge 4

This one is shorter than the others because it was for the term coming into Christmas when there were many other activities. It was enthusiastically received, and we ended up with a real village of houses.

  • Triple S Challenge 4 – copy this onto A4 paper. The two pages with the house parts need to be copied onto light card.
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