You are welcome to copy these plays for use in your Sunday School.

  • The plays were written for children aged 6-10 years old with the intention that they did them in class with the text in front of them. (The idea was for them to learn the story – not to perform as such.) They generally take about 5 minutes, very few props and no dressing up. We usually did the play twice, often changing who had each role.
  • They were for a class of between 7 and 12 children, so they generally contain a “crowd” or “group of apostles” or some such group that could be 2 or 10 people, thus giving everyone who turned up a part to play.
  • There is a range of reading levels, from fluent readers for the leading roles, to simple one line parts for the new readers.
  • They were written to coincide with the theme for the week so may not contain the whole story.
  • The play files are all between 11 and 25 kb in size.

The trouble with sin – Genesis 3:1-24 – Temptation in the Garden (Based on Contemporary English Version)

Joseph – Genesis 40 – Joseph in jail

God rescues his people – Exodus 12 – the Passover

Naaman is cured – II Kings 5 – Elisha heals Naaman (for age 10 and above)

Nehemiah – Nehemiah 1-4 – Nehemiah rebuilds the walls (for 9-10 year olds)

Jeremiah – Jeremiah 36 – Jeremiah tells God’s word to the people

Daniel in the lion’s den – Daniel 6:1-19 – Daniel in the lion’s den (for very early readers)

The shepherds visit Jesus – Luke 2:8-20 – Shepherds visit the Baby Jesus (Christmas Play)

The three wise men – Matthew 2:1-12 – The three wise men visit Jesus (Christmas Play)

Jesus escapes to Egypt – Matthew 2:13-23 – Jesus escapes to Egypt (Christmas Play)

Jesus, Simeon and Anna – Luke 2:22-38 – Jesus, Anna and Simeon (Christmas Play)

Jesus heals the Centurion’s slave – Luke 7:1-10 – Jesus heals a Centurion’s Slave

Jesus heals the bent woman – Luke 13:10-13 – Jesus heals a bent woman

Jesus and the little children – Luke 18:15-17 – Jesus blesses children

Jesus raises Lazarus – John 11:1-44 – Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead

Doubting Thomas – John 20:24-29 – Jesus appears to Thomas and the Disciples

Easter Day – The Resurrection

Pentecost – Acts 2 – The Coming of the Holy Spirit

Paul and Silas in prison – Acts 16:25-40 – Paul and Silas in prison and an earthquake

Paul and Silas in prison (simplified) – Acts 16:25-40 – A simpler version of the play about Paul and Silas in prison with fewer parts

Peter is a coward – John 18: 15-18; 18:25-27; and 21:15-17 – Peter denies Jesus three times; Jesus asks Peter if he loves him three times

Peter escapes from prison – Acts 12:1-17a – Peter escapes from prison;  alludes to James’s death as well

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