Communion Teaching

This is a set of activities intended to be a lesson for the whole of the Sunday School to take together in the Presbyterian form of Communion. It is based on the words in the service used at St John’s in the City, but we suggest you modify it to reflect your service.

The children entered church for the Communion part of our service at the end of this lesson.

Lesson Structure:

  • Introductory talk by one teacher about the words used for Communion (ie Communion, Lord’s Table, Eucharist, Mass).  We emphasised that people all around the world in all sorts of churches were doing the same thing because it is so important to Christians, and that it wasn’t just us in St John’s.
  • Communion Play – performed by the teachers for the whole class
  • Recap the main points on the board
  • Worksheets, split into four groups:
  • Return to church and fill in Communion questionnaire as the service take place
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