Sunday School Resources

St John’s has a number of resources for you to use in your own Sunday School planning and teaching.  These include:

  • Plays – aimed at 6 – 10 year old children, for groups of 7 to 12 children
  • God & Me – a seven week syllabus covering the main ideas about God, designed with 5 – 7 year olds in mind. A hand puppet of a spider is the main teaching aid.
  • The Triple S Challenge – for Senior Sunday School children (aged between 9 and 11 years)
  • Teaching about Communion – a 45 minute set of activities intended to be a lesson for the whole of the Sunday School to take together in the Presbyterian form of Communion

We’ve also discovered a number of useful websites in our own search for resources.  You may find them helpful also.

  • MSSS Crafts and Resources – This is an index site to a whole lot of information covering a wide range of age-groups and stories.
  • Discovery Education Free Puzzlemaker – make your own puzzles – word search, crosswords, mazes  and more!
  • DLTK Crafts for Kids – this is best for pre-school to 8 year old children and covers the big Bible stories.  It includes crafts, colouring-in pages and other activities.
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