Church Forums

We have regular Church Forums which are an opportunity for you to find out about what’s been going on at St John’s in the City, and so you can ask questions about any aspect of church life. They’re usually held after church on a Sunday morning.

Our last Church Forum was held on Sunday 21 June. Download the notes or see what was discussed below.

Session matters

Since February 2015, the main developments have been:

Session has discussed what it can do to build participation and community at St John’s – two of the Session objectives along with growing faith. A small team is to bring some practical proposals back to Session.  This is important as participation can help develop faith, help people work out their faith, get to know each other and get a sense of purpose and belonging.  Mentoring people, praying together, empowering people to do things, and recognising and fostering talents could all be part of what we do.

  • Session continues to pray regularly for St John’s and its members.
  • Session agreed to support General Assembly’s resolutions on Council of Assembly membership (the body that runs the national church between Assemblies) and being a cross-cultural and multicultural church with a bicultural commitment.
  • Forums for the Congregation to discuss General Assembly’s views on marriage have been arranged for 5 and 12 July.
  • Rob Anderson has taken the role as Chair of our Christian Education Committee which maintains oversight and will step down from his role as Messenger Editor. The Committee will have more Elders and take more of an overview rather than arranging details of programmes between leaders.  Leaders who have served on the Committee have been thanked for their big contribution – especially Anna Davis and Kathy Sutherland.
  • Monika Demuth-Barber starts as Children and Families Ministry worker on 27 July.
  • Richard Hpa and Brett Reid started as youth workers for one year.
  • Session has recorded the life of Alan Darroch in a memorial minute, acknowledging his role of service.
  • Session has reviewed Elders’ pastoral care and is looking for new Elders to be appointed so this can be sustained and extended in coverage.
  • The relationship with Scots College has strengthened with more frequent visits to services.
  • A successful Clubs day was held in March – showcasing St John’s activities to the Congregation.
  • Church statistics are being collected. On the first two Sundays in June, attendance is up on last year.
  • Robyn Parnham has donated Max’s Viscount organ for the chapel. The Allan organ it replaces will be offered for sale.
  • Life groups have been established to provide for pastoral support and learning about faith for Evening service attenders
  • Stuart Simpson will be on leave with his family in Madagascar in October to December.

Council matters

  • St John’s financial position is better, largely because of lower inflation and improved giving levels, while interest income is falling.
  • Arrangements have continued to be made for refurbishing Troup House – now about to get underway.
  • Progress on earthquake strengthening of the Church is slow – getting experts engaged is still challenging given how much they have on.
  • Remedial work is needed on the vestibule roof to stop leaks.
  • Pastoral work and social committee work continue – the latter mainly involving catering for functions.