The Bulletin


This section of the St John’s in the City website lets you know what is happening at St John’s and beyond our doors. The Bulletin is given out every Sunday at our services. You can also check out the 2020 St John’s Calendar.

Here’s what’s coming up:

Worship Services CANCELLED during Level 4 Lockdown

Kia ora St John’s whanau,

We are deeply committed together to this battle against the spread of Covid-19 as we remain diligent in our care for each other and avoid unnecessary risk. As a Church, we want to witness to the truth that we must love one another, be kind, and use our God-given common sense. 

You can remain connected at 10am on Sunday with me and others using Zoom together. The link to join is shown below (along with the phone number if you prefer to dial that to listen). Attached is a basic instruction guide for using Zoom.  Give it a go – it’s good fun!

Using Zoom

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 370 260 759

One tap mobile
+6498846780,,370260759# New Zealand
+6448860026,,370260759# New Zealand

Dial by your location

+64 4 886 0026 New Zealand
Meeting ID: 370 260 759

We can still stay in touch as a St John’s Church community by checking out the sermons online, reading about events and notices on our website or Facebook page. If you need pastoral contact of some sort, please contact us through the St John’s Office, ph: 385 1546, email:

If you’re not already on our group emailing list and would like to be added onto the list or update your details please contact the church office.

Responding to Covid 19 With Neighbourhood Clusters

(Neighbourhood Clusters Contact List)

Churches already have systems in place to promote communication and help between church members.  We want to look outwards and help the wider community as it prepares for Covid 19.  Doing this for everybody is a logistical nightmare, so we need additional ways of doing this.

What is achievable is that church members initiate forming small clusters of neighbours who help look after each other.  Maybe the looking after includes collecting food for somebody who is self-isolating.  Maybe it’s just the comfort in knowing that help is close by or a phone call away.

Who is in charge?  There doesn’t have to be anyone in charge, but somebody (probably you) needs to get out and make contact with people, gather the information, and then get it processed.

How many neighbours in a cluster? Maybe four to eight houses is a good number.

Who will type up the information and print it out?  If this is something you don’t have capacity to do yourself, then let the St John’s Church Office know and they will sort this out.

Who will distribute the filled in information sheets?  That is something for the organiser (maybe you) to do.

What is WhatsApp?  WhatsApp is a messaging system on smart phones and computers.  There are many others.  The beauty of these messaging systems is that you can quickly and easily set up a messaging system just for your cluster of neighbours.  This means that conversations can be had with all of them at the same time. So instead of having to ring or visit each person individually it can all be done there.  This also works if somebody is at work, away from home or at home.

Why collect information about a family or local contact?  Well if something goes wrong, then there is a way to get in contact with someone else.  If the contact is family then add a “F.”  If the contact is local, then add a “L.” 

Tax Donation Receipts – 1 April 2019-31 March 2020

To claim a 33% rebate for this tax year, you need to pay all donations into the St John’s bank account or in cash by Tuesday 31 March.

All receipts for donations for general or envelope giving and or seismic fundraising over the tax year will be emailed out if the St John’s Office holds your email address. Please ensure that Karin in the office has your most up to date email address.  Any queries please email  Karin Duncan or phone her on 385 1546

Earthquake Fundraising…

Congratulations and thanks to many people who have contributed greatly to our fundraising:

  • To Lala Simpson, Stuart, Dayle Anderson and all who helped with Lala’s wonderful concert of Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel songs.  They raised $3,554 net.
  • To Judi Ferguson and Allister and others for the “Creativity” show.
  • To Knox Waitara parish for their fantastic support with $12,050 donated to us. This is a tremendous boost for us.
  • To The Street Church for their gift of $5,000.
  • To those who have added to their pledges and given even more directly to our funds.
  • To David Wood for his great presentations to the Fellowship Group and Congregation – it helps to know what you are giving to as the cost hits $5.6 million.

If you have an idea to help, please let the Ministers or David Galt know.

* If someone offers to pay you for something you’ve done, could that become a donation to the fund?  It is easy to make a donation through the givealittle page on-line: You can see the great video with Allister starring there too!

Thanks to Presbytery

We are very pleased to have received a grant from Central Presbytery for $5,500 toward our Children & Families Ministry, to increase engagement with children and families to share the Good News with them. This gesture of support from the wider Presbyterian Church is an encouragement for our mission – particularly as we carefully and prayerfully review our use of resources.

Visiting Scholar

Pádraig Ó Tuama had to return early to Ireland – andhe got there just before some of the major transit hubs shut down!

You can hear some of his recorded material on our website or Facebook page.

Thank you to all of your for your interest in this Visiting Scholar Programme.

Pathway of Faith: intergenerational faith formation

We have adopted a framework, which is inspiring us to build greater cohesion and the well-being between generations. Our vision is to strengthen the fellowship that happens between the generations, and to strengthen the way we experience faith formation as a church family.

This framework has 2 foundations: intergenerational connections & family.

With 8 pillars:

  • Peak Experiences
  • Encounters with Jesus 
    • Worship
  • Mentors and Life Coaches 
  • Big Story of the Bible 
    • Grow
  • Positive Peer Community
  • Anchors/Rites of Passage 
    • Live
  • Serving in Mission 
  • Respond with compassion
    • Share

The four words in Italics are from our St John’s Mission Statement and synthesise the eight pillar experiences in our mission.

For more information about this framework of intergenerational faith formation go to here2stay website.

We are journeying ahead in our exploration of intergenerational faith formation, and we are going to need courage and persistence! We will find ways to work together, as an inter-generational church, with our many blessings, so that we can all become better disciples of Jesus. And so that we can increase in our confidence in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that relates to children, youth, families, and all of us, in Wellington, today.

Seismic Strengthening Project

See our strengthening project page for more details on what we are doing and how you can help.

St J’s Kids

Contact Monika or Diane

Find out more about St J’s Kids.

Youth Group

Contact Ino Pasullean (Youth Pastor)

Find out more about Thrive and Abstract.

St John’s in the City Mission Statement

The St John’s Session has developed a new Mission Statement. You are invited to read it carefully, as we begin to use it as part of our expression of faith and life together moving forward on our faith journey.  We also had a sermon on this, and you can find the sermon notes here. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact one of the Ministers.

Prayer Chain

Our Prayer Chain is confidential and exists to pray for the needs of our world and the concerns of our church family.  If you would like prayer or would like to join those who pray for others please contact the Ministers, the Church Office or Monika.