The Bulletin

This section of the St John’s in the City website lets you know what is happening at St John’s and beyond our doors. The Bulletin is given out every Sunday at our services. You can also check out the St John’s Calendar.

Here’s what’s coming up:

Earthquake Strengthening – A Short Film

On Sunday 29th September, in the 10am service, we will have the world premiere of a short film ‘Update on the Earthquake Strengthening Project’.


During the winter months we invite you to share in a Souper Sunday after the service. These are very popular and provide a wonderful atmosphere of friendship and fun … and the homemade soup is delicious.

Our Responsibility:  is to provide the soup and bread, tea and coffee.
Your Responsibility:  is to provide something ( eg: slice, biscuits, fruit) we can share with our tea and coffee after our soup. It’s as simple as that! No extra charge.

We have divided the congregation into alphabetical listings as we wouldn’t be able to cope with you all at once! However if you can’t make it on your designated Sunday, please come another day.

May 19th ( A- Dav)
June 16th ( Daw- Has)
July 7th ( Hay- L)
August 18th ( M-R)
September 29th ( S-Z) (The September 15th Souper Sunday has been changed to SEPTEMBER 29th This is due to an important Congregational Workshop that will be held on the 15th)

Look forward to seeing you. Visitors – please come and join us – we are a friendly bunch!

Sunday Church Volunteers – Rosters for November 2019 to February 2020

We’re starting to prepare the next rosters covering – November 2019 to February 2020. If you are usually helping on the rosters and have any dates during this period that you know you will be away, please email Linda Van Milligan the dates that you’re not available by 15 October 2019.

If you can help by serving on a roster, or would like to know more about the tasks, please talk to the following people:

Thanks.  Linda Van Milligan

St John’s Annual General Meeting Sunday 20th October

Please note in your diary/phone, and plan to join in this important decision-making moment. The service that Sunday will be shorter than usual, so we can have a quick lunch together and aim to conclude the Annual General Meeting by 1pm. There will be supervised activities for children during the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting will commence again with the Chair of the Council running a quiz based on the Annual Report.

Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel with Lala Simpson

Come along to hear the fantastic voice of Lala Simpson as she sings some of the most well known songs of Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel. She will be accompanied by the brilliant musicians, Dayle Anderson on piano, Richard Hardie on double bass and Jonathan Berkahn on accordion. The money raised will be used to support the strengthening work of St John’s in the City Presbyterian Church.

Tickets: $25 Door sales only
On Saturday 9 November at 7pm
At Salvation Army Citadel, Vivian Street, Wellington

Visit to Sumatra

Following the visit last year by Rev Ridho Parhusip, St John’s currently has an ‘active’ opportunity with the HKBP Church for an individual, or couple, from St John’s to visit Sumatra for up to three months. We want to allow for this opportunity, if there is someone who feels this could be a possibility. There are no fixed plans at this stage, and no finances dedicated to this. But it is a relationship we have with the Christian Church in that part of Indonesia, and so if you are interested to explore the possibility of a visit please let one of the Ministers know.

What happened at the ‘Pathway of Faith’ Workshop?

There was terrific participation in last Sunday’s afternoon workshop, which  inspired us to want to build the cohesion and the well-being between generations. We want to strengthen the fellowship that happens between the generations. We want to strengthen the way we experience faith formation in the church.

Liz Eichler from Scripture Union introduced the framework of intergenerational faith formation:
2 Foundations (characteristics), 8 Pillars (experiences)

The 2 foundations are intergenerational connections & family.
The 8 pillars are 1)Serving in Mission, 2)Big Story of the Bible, 3)Encounters with Jesus, 4)Respond with compassion, 5)Positive Peer Community, 6)Peak Experiences, 7)Mentors and Life Coaches, and 8)Anchors/Rites of Passage.

We all worked together in small groups exploring each of the pillars at 8 different stations. We discussed …what are we already doing well? …what are the best opportunities for us?

For more information about this framework of intergenerational faith formation go to here2stay website

We finished with some water play! Each person got a mug of water to tip into the bucket/s that indicated the pillar/s that are both important and realistic for us to get on with. The collective results indicated our top three pillars as Mentors/Life Coaches, Encounters with Jesus, and Respond with Compassion.

This workshop has kick-started our exploration of intergenerational faith formation, and we are going to continue on with courage and persistence! We need to find ways to work together, as an inter-generational church, with our many blessings, so that we can all become better disciples of Jesus. And so that we can increase in our confidence in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that relates to children, youth, families, and all of us, in Wellington, today.

St Johns communion tokens


In the nineteenth century, St John’s provided pewter communion tokens to church members to bring to Communion. These were distributed to members of the Congregation to show who was eligible for Communion – dating from an old practice of having such tokens in Scotland when they were used as a device to ensure only those who could be trusted could attend.

Many New Zealand Presbyterian Churches issued them in the nineteenth century but the St John’s ones of 1878 and 1886 are amongst the rarest. St John’s still holds nine of them but now plans to sell most of these valuable antiques to raise funds for earthquake strengthening.

Two of the best of the tokens in near new condition were recently sold at public auction to help raise funds for earthquake strengthening St John’s. They brought $1400 and $1050 respectively.

St John’s is now offering members of the Congregation the opportunity to buy one of the remaining tokens at $1000 each as a further way to raise funds for strengthening.  The whole of the proceeds from these sales will go to strengthening. Note that these sales are not charitable donations.

They are similar the one illustrated – the actual example will vary.

If interested please see David Galt, or email David Galt

Seismic Strengthening Project

See our strengthening project page for more details on what we are doing and how you can help.

St J’s Kids

22 September is our last Sunday of Term 3 at St J’s Kids. We will have Godly Play Storytelling with Adrienne and think about God’s Kingdom of Shalom. It will be a wonderful experience. Also, we will have fun with some towing and throwing games, so be prepared!

The next 3 Sundays (29 September, 6 October and 13 October) we will have our Holiday Programme running. We are looking forward to spending time with you playing, creating and having fun.

Contact Monika or Diane

Find out more about St J’s Kids.

Youth Group

Kia ora… What a wonderful week it has been for us!

We gave it our all during the Youth Led Sunday Worship Service on 15 September. It was great to be able to help our congregation in the worship. After the service, many people in the congregation said that they appreciated the service very much. We give thanks to GOD for his guidance.

22 September, we will be having a special prayer up the front for all the Marton Mission team. It’s called a “commissioning” where the church/ congregation prays for the team who will be serving in mission. In our youth group time, we will be doing a fun Bible Quiz with prizes up for grabs. After that, there will be a mini party to celebrate term 3!

Next Couple of Sundays: We will be taking a break during the school holidays. You are welcome to come on Sundays for the service and there will be activities set up by St J’s Kids leaders in the hall if you want to take part in that. We will be back after the school holidays.

Contact Ino Pasullean (Youth Pastor) or Richard Hpa (Abstract & Thrive)

Find out more about Thrive and Abstract.


Our groups are always open to new members. We’d love to see you at one in 2018!

Monday Home Group - We meet at 7:30pm on Monday with Chinese takeaways from 7 pm for those who want it – $5 Anyone is welcome to join us or just try us out. Contact Margaret or David Galt

No Longer Tuesday Home Group – You are always welcome at this group which now meets every second Wednesday at 7:30pm at various homes around the city.  Contact Catherine Galuszka for more info.

Stitchers’ Group – Meets on alternate Monday, 9:45 – 11:45 am, in the Fellowship Room. We knit, embroider, quilt, applique, crochet and any number of things done with needles. Or you can bring along your family mending and get it done in a friendly environment. Sewing machines are welcome. Come along for a stitch and chat. Tea and coffee are served.  Contact Lesley Shaw for more information.

Art Group – Meets fortnightly, 9:45am to 11:45am at St John’s Centre. Do you paint, draw or sketch? Would you like to join our fortnightly art group? So why not dig out all those old paints, brushes, pen and pencils and come and join us? Or Learn new skills. For more information, please contact the church office and we will forward your queries to Ian Garrett and Gail West.

Fellowship Group – We meet at 11.00am, on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Open to anybody from the congregation who wants to join. Contact Mary Gibbs for more information. St John’s Fellowship Group is open to all members of the congregation ie both women and men of all ages, creed and race. There is a fee of $10.00 which is payable to Katherine Sutherland. This entitles the member to receive the bulletin called Bushfire, attend the St John’s Fellowship Group and any activities the group takes part in.

English as a Second Language Bible Study – Meets fortnightly on Thursday evenings, 6.15pm – 7:30 pm, in the church office lounge. Please contact Ino Pasullean for more information.

Young Adults Bible Study Group – Bible study, discussion and friendship for 18 to 30s. We meet every Tuesday, 7:15-9:15pm. Please contact Kirk and Dee for more information.

Men’s Breakfast – We usually meet Thursday (fortnightly) from 7:30 – 8:30 am in the St John’s Centre. Great food, great fellowship and great discussions. Please contact Duncan Shaw for more information.

Monthly Monday Night Football (18+) –  You are invited to join in a social game of football on the second Monday of the month at 7pm in the Church Gym. For more information contact Gordon

Indoor Hockey Group, 7-8pm, (13+) –  Adults and teenagers are welcome to join in a social game of hockey on the fourth Thursday of the month in the Church Gym.  For more information contact Gordon

Preschool Music and Movement - Fun and friendship for pre-schoolers and their caregivers. We meet every Thursday during school terms at 10.00am. Please contact the church office for more information.

Choir - The choir welcomes singers of all ages. It is a flexible group who support the hymn singing in the morning service and provide choral offerings. Rehearsals take place on a Sunday morning before and after the service, and once a month on a Thursday evening. For more information please contact Eleanor Carter.

Music Group - an open group of musicians and singers who present worship music at Sunday services and on other occasions to support the ministerial team.  Participants play a wide variety of instruments ranging from keyboards, guitar, bass, cello, flute, violin and drums and more.  A sound system is available and a roster of available persons is drawn up for each Sunday. Anyone who plays an instrument or is able to sing is welcome to join us. Contact the Church Office for more information.

Indonesian Group Church Service - We meet on second Sunday of the month at 12.30pm. Please join us if you are interested in a church service in our first language. For more information please contact Ino.

Badminton & Table Tennis – We meet on first and third Sundays (May to September) at 2:30pm to 4pm. 14 years and above are welcome. Equipment provided. Cost $2, free for students. Contact the Church Office for more information.

Find out about all the different groups we offer at St John’s and get contact details.

Food offering

As part of our Offering in Worship, we pray for the food items we gift to the DCM Foodbank.  DCM thanks you for any donations given. DCM would appreciate more baked beans, spaghetti, tinned tomatoes, tinned fish, meals (eg stews), instant noodles or toilet paper. If you are able to contribute to this please place non-perishable food items in the large basket in the foyer.  Thank you.

Carparking at St John’s

Please remember that there will be NO carparking available around the church as the site is now a construction zone.

Health & Safety at St John’s in the City: Congregation Members on Site

Please let the Church Office know when you are on site.  The purpose of this is for us to know who is on site, in the event of any natural disaster, emergency or security callout.  Furthermore, if you intend being on site at night or on weekends that are not booked events, please try and let the Church Office know during business hours.  Thank you.

St John’s in the City Mission Statement

The St John’s Session has developed a new Mission Statement. You are invited to read it carefully, as we begin to use it as part of our expression of faith and life together moving forward on our faith journey.  We also had a sermon on this, and you can find the sermon notes here. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact one of the Ministers.

Prayer Chain

Our Prayer Chain is confidential and exists to pray for the needs of our world and the concerns of our church family.  If you would like prayer or would like to join those who pray for others please contact the Ministers, the Church Office or Monika.

St John’s Library

The library committee is very enthusiastic about the collection of books (currently located in the St John’s Centre until further notice), put together for use by the congregation. We encourage you to browse and borrow the books at your leisure. The cards in the book pocket should be signed and placed in the small box on the trolley. We are open to suggestions for the purchase of new books (within our budget), which may enhance the collection. Donations are also welcome. The children’s books trolley is in the St John’s Centre and overseen by Monika, who also likes to receive comments and suggestions.
Janice, Margaret, Monika

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