The Bulletin

This section of the St John’s in the City website lets you know what is happening at St John’s and beyond our doors. The Bulletin is given out every Sunday at our services. You can also check out the 2017 St John’s Calendar (PDF).

Here’s what’s coming up:

An Advent study group in the city

From Wednesday, 29 November for 4 weeks, a group will be meeting at a flat near St John’s from 7.00pm to 8.30 pm for informal Advent study and prayer. We will focus on the weekly lectionary readings and new ways of understanding them, including through art, music, prayer, and learning from each other’s experiences. This group is open to everyone, and all ages, especially if you are new to Wellington, and/or living near St John’s. If you are interested; email Rebecca Dudley, Mary or Rev Allister Lane and we will send further info nearer the time.

Leprosy Money Boxes

It’s that time again.  Could all holders of Leprosy Mission Money Boxes please bring their money to church on either 5th or 26th November for Judi Ferguson

Children/Youth Christmas choir: Dear St J’s Kids and Families!!

A great opportunity has come up for all youth and children to be involved in a choir lead by Lala Simpson, Eleanor Carter and Jeremy Koay. This choir will sing at the Carol service on the 17th of December. This is going to be a fantastic and worthwhile group experience. Come and join us for the first practice TODAY at 11:15am in the St John’s Centre. We hope to see you there.
Who: Children and youth who like to sing
When: Every Sunday starting 19th of November at 11:15am in the St John’s Centre
How long: 30mins
Do I need to know how to read music?: No. Songs will be taught by ear
Can I come and play instruments?: Yes. Please do.
More info please contact Lala Simpson  Parents are welcome to stay and sing with the children if they want to.

Wanted: Hosts for our woollen Nativity Scene Characters

According to a long-standing tradition at St John’s, our woollen Nativity Scene journeys from house to house during the time of Advent. We are looking for families and other members from the St John’s congregation who are willing to host Mary and Joseph, the sheep and the shepherds or the Wise Men for a night or two, enjoy their company, write into their travel journey book and then pass them on to the next people. This has always been a very interactive, creative and fun event. And especially kids like the writing of the diary entries. Please let us know if you are keen. You can either sign up inperson TODAY 19 November 2017 over coffee in the foyer or in the St John’s Centre during pick-up time or contact Monika

Crowdfunding Campaign on Pledgeme

Many of you will be familiar with the music of Rev Malcolm Gordon, who has visited and ministered here at St John’s a number of times over recent years. He is currently working on an album of folk inspired songs, telling stories of faith in the midst of real life. If you would like to help Malcolm, he is running a crowdfunding campaign on Pledgeme:

How you can support the work of Christians against Poverty in Wellington central? 

We all want to help those who are face poverty in New Zealand, and one practical way is to support Christians Against Poverty (CAP) which provides practical help through local church communities. In the central Wellington region, The Street church is running the CAP programme, and St Johns’ Outreach Committee has agreed that we will support their work.

So, how can you be involved? The support they need is:

  • Prayer for this work and for the people they work with – so please add this ministry to your prayer list.
  • Be a volunteer visitor. As you could imagine this requires people who can relate well to others and who can commit to this work. The Street suggests starting as the support person accompanying a fully trained person on home visits. This means you experience the work before committing to any training. They are particularly short of men who are available for visits   during the day.
  • Help as a support person on a course. They run regular life skills, money and release courses during the day (usually Wednesday) and need people to provide welcoming friendship. Each course lasts about 8 weeks and you would need to be able to attend most if not all of the course you commit to. The next course will be early next year.
  • Donations – further to the financial support organised by the St John’s

Outreach Committee, individuals can donate through the St John’s bank account details in the bulletin, identifying CAP as the ministry you are supporting. Your donations will be passed on to The Street who will use them with the people they are working with. If you want to help, or want more information before you decide, contact Margaret Galt. If you want to know more about CAP then look up their website

St J’s Kids

Today 19 November we meet at the church at 10am and go to the St John’s Centre after the Blessing Song. In our small groups, we will talk about how we can use our gifts as we try to walk in Jesus’ footsteps (Matthew 15:14-30). Pick-up from the Centre is at 11:15 am or go straight to the Children’s/Youth Choir that will start in the Centre at 11:15am.
Next week 26 November, we will start again in the Church at 10am. We will learn more about what showing God’s love can actually look like (Matthew 25:14-30) And then… it is the 1st Advent.

Journeying to Jesus All Age Service on the 1st Advent 3 December. The whole of St John’s Community, St J’s Kids and families and friends are invited to be part of our special Worship on the 1st Advent. Come and celebrate the start of our journey through advent, as we prepare for Jesus’ coming into our lives. We will act, pray, sing, reflect and have fun together. We are looking forward to seeing you All. Please come dressed up as your favourite Nativity story character, if you wish, as we will create a real-live Nativity scene.
When: 3 December 2017, 10am
Where: St John’s Church
What: Interactive Advent Service for all Ages
Nicki, Bron, Vicky and Monika on behalf of St J’s Kids

To contact either Monika or Enrino (Ino)

Find out more about St J’s Kids.

Youth Group activities

Thrive Today 19th Thrive will be heading to Spinks when all children’s programmes are released. A couple of leaders from Thrive will be focusing on a particular topic to discuss amongst the group.
Next Sunday 26th Laura is back and will be taking Thrive out for a discussion when all children’s programmes are released.
Friday 24th we are heading to the Botanical Gardens to enjoy some yummy food and fun games under the warm summer sun. We will be meeting at the main gate on Tinakori Street at 6:30pm and finishing at 8:30pm. If parents could please drop off and pick up that would be fantastic.

Summer Camp
If you are interested in further supporting each young person attending Summer Camp we do have a bank account set up. If you place the donation into 02 0560 001746800 and refer it to Summer Camp 2018, we would very much appreciate it, as any donation makes a significant difference.

EPIC Today 19th We will be heading out after the children’s talk to continue on with our Speak series.
Next Friday, Whanau Dinner. Next Friday is our annual Whanau Dinner.
Thanks to those of you who have already RSVP’d. There is still space for those of you who haven’t let me know. Please contact me ASAP so I can get enough food for everyone. This is going to be a fun night of fellowship between all the families within EPIC Youth Group. There will be food, games and a lot of laughs. Contact Richard for more information.

To contact Richard Hpa (EPIC)
To contact Laura Putt (Thrive)
Find out more about EPIC and Thrive.


Our groups are always open to new members. We’d love to see you at one in 2017!

Monday Home Group - We meet at 7:30pm on Monday with Chinese takeaways from 7 pm for those who want it – $5 Anyone is welcome to join us or just try us out. Contact Margaret or David Galt

No Longer Tuesday Home Group – You are always welcome at this group which now meets every second Monday at various homes around the city.  Contact Paul or Louise Ramsay for more info.

Stitchers’ Group – Meets on alternate Monday, 9:45 – 11:45 am, in the Fellowship Room. We knit, embroider, quilt, applique, crochet and any number of things done with needles. Or you can bring along your family mending and get it done in a friendly environment. Sewing machines are welcome. Come along for a stitch and chat. Tea and coffee are served.  Contact Lesley Shaw for more information.

Fellowship Group – On Tuesday 28 November at 11am we will have our advent service in the Church.  Rev Allister Lane will be our preacher.  This year we will go humbly with our festivity, the Three Kings took their gifts to a young family needing to escape genocide refugee.  We can take our gifts to those we know to be in need of help closer to home.  We can do this by making a donation to DCM on the day.  What! No Fun??? Relax, dear friends.  Mary Gibbs will bring plenty of strawberries and cream for good cheer and we are invited to bring the savoury food to share.

English as a Second Language Bible Study – Meets fortnightly on Thursday evenings, 6.15pm – 7:30 pm, in the church office lounge. For this coming meeting only, we will be meet on Friday 19 May 2017 (6.15pm – 7.30pm) instead of our usual Thursday. Please contact Ino Pasullean for more information.

Men’s Breakfast – We usually meet Thursday (fortnightly) from 7:30 – 8:0 am in the St John’s Centre. Great food, great fellowship and great discussions. Please contact Ted Cizadlo for more information.

Wine and Theology – This discussion group gathers the first Friday of every month in the St John’s Office lounge, starting at 7:30pm. We meet for an informal wine-tasting and then discussion about a stimulating theological topic, finishing by 9:15pm. All are welcome. If you have questions please contact Malcolm Shaw.

Monthly Monday Night Football (18+) – You are invited to join in a social game of football on the second Monday of the month at 7pm in the Church Gym. We are trialling out this new group until Christmas. For more information contact Gordon

Indoor Hockey Group, 7-8pm, Wed 27 Sept – We will be piloting an indoor hockey group from September through November.  Adults and teenagers are welcome to join us on the fourth Wednesday of the Month, 7-8pm.  For more information contact Gordon

Preschool Music and Movement - Fun and friendship for pre-schoolers and their caregivers. We meet every Thursday during school terms at 10.00am. Please contact the church office for more information.

Choir - Singing music to support the service. We meet every Sunday before, during and after church. There is also a monthly practice on a Thursday Evening. For more information please contact Eleanor Carter.

Music Group - an open group of musicians and singers who present worship music at Sunday services and on other occasions to support the ministerial team.  Participants play a wide variety of instruments ranging from keyboards, guitar, bass, cello, flute, violin and drums and more.  A sound system is available and a roster of available persons is drawn up for each Sunday. Anyone who plays an instrument or is able to sing is welcome to join us. Contact the Church Office for more information.

Indonesian Group Church Service - We meet on second Sunday of the month at 12.30pm. Please join us if you are interested in a church service in our first language. For more information please contact Ino.

Badminton & Table Tennis – Badminton and Table Tennie are finished for this year and will restart next year after Easter. Please contact the Church office for more information.

Find out about all the different groups we offer at St John’s and get contact details.

Food offering

As part of our Offering in Worship, we pray for the food items we gift to the DCM Foodbank.  DCM thanks you for any donations given. DCM would appreciate more spaghetti, biscuits/crackers, tinned fish and washing powder. If you are able to contribute to this please place non-perishable food items in the large basket in the foyer.  Thank you.

Car parking during the week at St John’s in the City

During the week, our very limited car parking is allocated on a daily basis, through the Church Office, by issue of a parking permit only. Priority is first to on-site meeting organisers, people with disabilities and contractors working on site. Thursday mornings during term time the carparks are dedicated wholly to the St John’s Preschool Music and Movement Programme. Everybody wishing to park on the site is asked to call or visit the office first. If available, a carpark number will be allocated and a parking permit available at the office for display on your dashboard.

Church Life Survey Report

The results of the Church Life Survey are available in a report prepared by Margaret Galt. This is the collated findings from the responses to the survey conducted on Sunday 26th June 2016. Session and other leaders will use this as a strategic resource as we journey ahead together. Please talk to an elder or Minister if you want to know more.


We are looking for people willing to be involved with:

  • Pastoral Care: Caring and praying for each other, Compassion, Accepting each other, Listening to each other, Encouragement and practical support.  We are now looking for people who feel this call and would like to get involved in extending the pastoral cohesion in our parish.  Please contact Monika  for more information.
  • Running Notices on PowerPoint: before the morning service we want to screen notices of interest to the congregation. If you can come early on Sundays and operate PowerPoint on the laptop, please contact Rev Allister Lane

This just highlights immediate needs. If you would get involved with something else, then just ask the people doing it how or ask the ministers. We also welcome new ideas.

Prayer Chain

Our Prayer Chain is confidential and exists to pray for the needs of our world and the concerns of our church family.  If you would like prayer or would like to join those who pray for others please contact the Ministers, the Church Office or email Gail.  (Gail is taking a break from coordinating the Prayer Chain for a month, so please pass prayer requests to the Ministers or the Church Office.)


As Christian’s prayer should be like breathing.  It is the way we communicate with God and God with us.  It is the language of honest conversation with our Creator.  It is the ability to listen to our Lord.  It is the act of joyfully and respectfully bringing others needs to the Sustainer of the Universe, the Healer of our souls and Saviour of our sins.  One of the ways St John’s offers the time and space for prayer is after the morning and evening services.
When: Straight after the service
Who: For anybody
Where: Sunday morning – the front right hand side of the church (facing the front), Sunday night – in the St John’s Hall