St John’s in the City has associations with a number of different groups around the Wellington region and beyond.  These include BGI, DCM, Scots College, Presbyterian Support Central and more.


The Boys and Girls Institute (BGI) was established in 1883 by a group of young people associated with St John’s and is an organisation committed to the development of youth in the community.

Many Wellingtonians may associate it with the gymnasium and swimming pool facilities that it used to own on Tasman St. These were sold in 1999 and the funds used to initiate and support community and youth projects.  Ross Davis, a St John’s member was made it Director of Youth & Community Projects in 2002.

Under his leadership, BGI has quickly established itself as one of the foremost non-governmental providers of youth and community projects in the Wellington region.  Its adventure therapy programme, mentoring and family support initiatives and regional youth projects have a lot of credibility with the police and Wellington City Council.

The BGI Board is appointed by St John’s, and the Minister of St John’s is the President of the Board.  BGI has become a vital part of the outreach of St John’sand provides an infrastructure for St John’s members to be involved in the community.

You can find out more about BGI’s work in the Wellington region by going to their website at


The DCM (Downtown Community Ministries) provides an ecumenical ministry to the city on behalf of St Peter’s Anglican, Mt Victoria Presbyterian, Wellington Society of Friends, St John’s in the City, St Joseph’s Roman Catholic and Wesley Methodist Churches.

As a parish, St John’s contributes several thousands of dollars a year in funding to the work of DCM.  We are also on the management board. One of the great ways we provide practical support to DCM  is through donations to their food bank. You can place your donation in the wicker basket in the foyer, which is brought forward as part of our offering each Sunday.

Since DCM was formed in 1969, it has acted as a catalyst for a number of community initiatives which have then continued in their own right.  DCM also has a significant advocacy role in the city.

Find out more about the DCM by going to their website at

Scots College logoScots College

Scots College is an independent, Presbyterian day and boarding school for boys from Years 1 to 13 , based in Strathmore, Wellington.  It was founded in 1916 by Rev Dr James Gibb (a minister of St John’s) and the Hon. John Aiken.

Today, Scots College aims to provide an environment where sound work ethics, self-discipline and independent learning skills are fostered, with a key objective of developing young men recognised for the quality of their citizenship and their ability to learn creatively and independently beyond school.

Scots College maintains its links with St John’s by holding services three times a year at the church.

Find out more about Scots College by going to their website at

Presbyterian Support Central logoPresbyterian Support Central

Presbyterian Support Central was founded in 1909 by the Minister of St John’s, Rev James Gibb. Initially, the work was focused on services for orphaned and destitute children – before there was a basic social welfare system. Their services  have expanded considerably since then, including care for older people.

Covering the lower North Island Presbyterian Support Central is recognised as part of one of the largest and most comprehensive not-for-profit social service organisations in the country, offering a range of health and welfare services to people, regardless of background, belief or ability to pay.

The Presbyterian Support Central mission is ‘In response to the teachings of Christ we will provide social services that effectively meet the needs of those we help’ . This mission takes the form of:

  • providing a range of quality services to fill gaps in community need
  • enabling people to respond to the needs of others
  • careful stewardship and sharing of resources entrusted to us.

St John’s administers bequests left for people in need, and a portion of this money is regularly directed to Presbyterian Support Central to support their work with people in need in Wellington.

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