St John’s is committed to outreach as part of our goals and mission for the Church. We support the Visiting Scholar programme, and the Otago Lectureship partnership.

Our policy on outreach

Up to 25% of budgeted income, net of the required inflationary adjustment to the Trust Fund, is committed to outreach. This will include the PCANZ national levies, which represent our commitment to the wider work of the church.  It will exclude grants made from the Carter and Mackenzie funds.

  1. Most of St John’s commitment in outreach is to establish partnerships in outreach rather than be a benefactor of outreach.
  2. Proposed financial outlays in outreach will be assessed on the grounds of the nature of the relationship with the organization concerned and the possibility of an ongoing and active partnership that advances the mission of St John’s. The stronger the relationship and possibility for partnership, the stronger the commitment.   Projects can only be approved for an agreed term, with a review prior to the end of that period to consider whether there are good reasons for the project to be continued, should further funds be requested.
  3. A minimum of 5% and a maximum of 15% of the outreach budget (excluding PCANZ levies) will be committed to national and/or international initiatives in mission.
  4. The congregation will be invited and encouraged to contribute personally to projects wherever possible.
  5. Where the anticipated level of outreach expenditure exceeds 25% of budgeted income, the congregation will be encouraged to make up the short-fall through a special appeal.
  6. Where the amount available for outreach exceeds the budgeted expenditure the balance shall be available for distribution by the Outreach Committee provided there is a budgeted surplus of income over expenditure for the year.
  7. A minimum of 5% and a maximum of 15% of the outreach budget (excluding PCANZ levies) be set aside for discretionary spending in outreach. Discretionary funding is deemed to consist of this amount in the annual budget plus the monies available under the Carter Special Assistance Fund and the untied legacies (consisting mainly of the Mackenzie Fund).

The Outreach Committee considers requests on an annual basis, by a closing date of 31 March of any year, from groups, organisations, and individuals involved in activities compatible with the work of the Christian Church, in particular those whose work assists others in the community.   We will consider applications, irrespective of religious denomination, but they must be from within the wider Wellington region.

Download a funding application form or contact the Church Office on enquiries@stjohnsinthecity.org.nz (or phone 385 1546).