Music & Choir


The Chocolate Fish Singers (aka St John’s Junior Choir) is a choir for children aged between 4 and about 13. We meet every Sunday morning during term time, in the Marshall room, at 9.00 am til 9.30 am to sing. The choir has built up a good range of repertoire and sings for morning services once or twice a term. The children learn to read music and earn rewards based on the Royal Schools of Church Music’s Voice for Life scheme. If you’d like to join this choir please either contact Eleanor Carter or come along to a practice.

St John’s Senior Choir sings on most Sundays during the morning service. The repertoire is varied, spanning hundreds of years of choral worship music. Our choir is open to any adults who enjoy singing and fellowship together. Rehearsals are Sunday 9.30 am for the 10.00 am service and then again after the service until 12 noon. There is also a monthly Thursday evening rehearsal. If you are interested in singing with this choir please contact Eric Sidoti or Eleanor Carter.

Music Group

The Music Group is an informal group of churchgoing musicians and singers who play at St John’s services. The repertoire consists of traditional hymns and more modern worship music. In addition to the singers who lead the vocal parts, instruments include piano, keyboards, guitars, bass guitar, violins, flutes, tin whistles, trombones, drums, other percussion instruments and anything else that human ingenuity can think of. There is no fixed combination of instruments and a roster system is in operation so that musicians and singers aren’t overburdened.

The Music Group uses the Church PA system, mixing desk, foldback speaker, microphones, music stands, piano, keyboard and drum-kit. Musicians who play their own instruments are welcomed. Rehearsals are usually held before the Sunday morning services. Members of the music group are expected to be able to play from music (or chord sequences). Sheet music for the Sunday services is usually distributed during the previous week for practice purposes. Members of the group are also expected to help with setting up and putting away the amplification kit – we have no roadies!

If you are a musician or singer who would like to participate in the Music Group, contact Dayle Anderson.