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This transcription was done as part of our 150th celebrations in 2003. The existing parish registers only start in 1866.

You'll see appearances by well known Wellingtonians such as our Ministers and Robert Hannah, who founded the Hannah's shoe business.

Many apparent proof reading matters may well reflect what is written in the register.

The files below are Word files.

Marriages 27 November 1866 - 23 December 1880 (391 kb)

Marriages 24 December 1880 - 29 October 1890 (432 kb)

Marriages 30 October 1890 -11 August 1892 (119 kb)

Marriages 6 October 1892 - 28 April 1897 (230 kb)


We have indexed the members who died and were mentioned in the Annual Reports, which can be accessed here. We have noted if the report also included a few sentences reflecting on the person's contribution, but It would pay to check the annual report for the year of death in case we have missed a reference.

Index of deaths in the Annual Reports

You may also be interested in both our history and historical documents pages, which includes details of a number of active women in the St Jo hn 's congregation and details of organists, and historic pamphlets about the congregation: History and Historical Documents

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