St John’s Mission Statement

Worship • Grow • Live • Share

God gathers us to worship and grow our faith so we can live and share Christ’s hope for our world.

We grow faith

  • We worship God with hearts, heads and hands.
  • We learn from God and each other.
  • We lead people to God to forgive and restore.
  • We encourage thoughtful, reflective and active faith.


  • We challenge ourselves and ask questions.
  • We pay close attention to the Bible, expecting God to speak through it.
  • We recognise the power of the Holy Spirit to breathe life and to shape, change and grow our faith.
  • We foster multi-age and multi-ethnic community, with our unity in Christ.
  • We share our faith stories.
  • We worship in meaningful and engaging ways for all ages.
  • We prioritise faith formation for young people.

We live and share

  • We participate in God’s mission.
  • We serve others and share our faith by living and proclaiming hope.
  • We help people to live fully as Christ shows us.


  • We practically and spiritually care for those in need.
  • We are hospitable; we share homes and meals with others.
  • We proclaim our faith with word and action.
  • We pray with and for others.
  • We allow our whole lives to be shaped by our faith.
  • We speak truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) on issues of social and global justice.
  • We trust in the Holy Spirit, discerning together the will of God.


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