About Us

Place3St John’s in the City has been around for over 100 years.  Our aim is to welcome and worship with all those in the wider Wellington region, but particularly those in the inner city.

  • Meet our staff – Allister Lane and Stuart Simpson are the ministers at St John’s, who are ably supported by many others, both paid and volunteers
  • Church Mission & Goals – we are a gathered, learning, restless and caring community
  • Church Governance – St John’s is part of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.  We have a Church Council, Session and belong to the Wellington Presbytery
  • Outreach – members of St John’s see outreach to our community and mission overseas as important commitments and are involved in many ways
  • Membership – how to become a member of St John’s in the City
  • History – St John’s has been a part of Wellington since the 1850s

About Us and Our Dreams

  • We are a gathered community. We are drawn together in all our variety to joyfully worship the one God.
  • We are a learning community. We seek to follow the way of Jesus and grow in understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith.
  • We are a restless community. Discontent with the status quo, we grapple with questions of life and faith as we search for new and more effective ways of conveying the Gospel of Jesus to the people of greater Wellington and beyond.
  • We are a caring community. We are committed to the well-being of those who are hurting in body, mind or spirit.

Find out more about what this means.

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